Wood Art Education

   by Joe Dickey

"The Art of the Craft":

A week long intensive course at the John C. Campbell Folk School, in NC, June 4 - 8, 2018.

Registration and info. at: www.FolkSchool.org


Course description:


Wood is an expressive medium; one which conveys stress, character, and beauty. We will start with some seemingly unlikely tree parts and discuss where the artful forms might be buried in it and options to bring these out. There are some well accepted elements of design which, when applied to woodturning, give a vocabulary to discuss the “art of the craft” and enhance the appeal of turned pieces. Turners of all experience levels should benefit from this.








Basic Woodturning

Description: This introductory class focuses on the basics of woodturning. Students receive instruction in all of the skills required for proficiency on bowl forms and wood as an artistic medium. There is a $30 materials fee due at the first class.


Ages: 18+

Chuck Engstrom has taken over the Basic Class. See the Md Hall catalog for details, or go to www.MarylandHall.org (search for "woodturning")




Advanced Woodturning:

Two Principles & A Thousand Tricks  -- Joe Dickey;   Turners of all levels should benefit from this class.


A lecture/demonstration class in which there will be 9, three hour, Monday evening, weekly sessions, 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm, Sept. 14 thru Nov. 9, 2015.


The topics will cover a wide range of topics including, but not limited to: shape and other design features, finishing, tool selection and sharpening, spalting, vacuum chucking and at least one "field trip" to the instructor’s shop. In-class demonstrations will, to some extent, be chosen by class requests but will include: ultra-thin, natural edge, platters, spheres, dyed, open form, off-axis, and “punk” wood. There will be no hands-on instruction and students do not need to be proficient turners. The emphasis will be on design and whatever “tricks” are needed to execute the design.


Most projects will be done start-to-finish in class (sans chain saw work!). Students will be furnished wood for a few projects if they choose to try one on their own.


Registration is done by Md Hall;  410-263-5544 or www.MarylandHall.org (search for "woodturning")




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